For 10 months (to start!), On 10 subjects, the U + ZIne offers you a collective journey through imaginations in the making.




Moving on, Moving up, Moving away…

Exploring the Futures of Mobility Using Arts and Fiction [launches in March 2020].

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The Interview Project

A “chain” interviews of, and by, those who mobilize imaginaries to produce or enable alternative futures.

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Many Tomorrows Festival [Finished!]

September 14-December 3rd: an international sequence of distributed events, workshops, performances dedicated to alternative futures and the role of arts and design in figuring them and making them happen.

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Futures Fragments

Share a Fragment from the future and take part in producing a collective repository of visions of what the future might look like, from as many diverse perspectives as possible!

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WORK+: “Imaginizing” the Futures of Work

How can arts and fiction help us imagine the futures of work, and explore unusual territories?

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