Moving on, Moving Up, Moving Around

On April, 2020, the Plurality University Network and La Fabrique des Mobilités launched a collaborative and open exploration around the futures of Mobility, using arts, fiction, design and utopias as its primary material of study.

Note: at this stage, apart from the “Futures Fragments”, most of the content is in French. It will be translated shortly.

“Moving On, Moving Up, Moving Around…” has proceed in three different phases, of which you can access the material:

  1. Collect “fragments” from the future in arts, fiction, design, utopia: images, texts, new words, movies excerpts, sounds, that say something about the futures of Mobility.

  2. Curate, map interpret the “futures fragments”

  3. Project yourselves and others into alternative futures of mobility, by working together between artists, experts and non-experts to produce new insights, stories and directions.

Then What?

An open-access publication will gather the project’s productions. All material will remain online and usable for future projects by anyone.The methods used will be turned into open-access guides in order to be reusable.Time to turn these visions into actual experimentations and projects!

Interested in finding out more? Write to us!