Calls for “new narratives” are everywhere, but what exactly do they mean? Certainly more than just changing a few habits or finding new “solutions”. In a constantly changing world, we need to be able to question everything (starting with the “problems”), to dare anything. We need to do it together, and appeal to the senses and emotions as much, if not more, than reason.

To this end, we are launching U+ZINE: a cycle of short thematic explorations for alternative futures and change, through the lens of arts and fiction. Every 2-3 months, one theme, one call for contributions, one meeting (in France) and one publication (International). Open to all!

How does it work? Every two months, we will send out a thematic call. Start thinking about the questions; send us an exemple of your work; use the theme as an opportunity to create a short text, picture etc.; that you believe present an original or transformative perspective on the subject…

Selected contributions will feature in a short, open-access publicationshaped as a fanzine.

On 10 subjects (to start!), U+ZINE offers you a collective journey through imaginaries in the making.