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The Plurality University Network is a membership-based nonprofit organization under French law (“Association”). At this stage, only individuals can become members. Membership is free, however, you may make a voluntary donation.

By joining:

  • You become part of the international network of U+ members;
  • You will receive our Newsletter;
  • You are invited to take part in its online discussions (via Slack), as well as to all its events;
  • You can take part to choice and the design of all its collective actions, and take part in its governance;
  • You will be the first to contribute to, and benefit from, its collective projects.

The plurality University Network is open to all individuals and organizations, under no other condition than the online approval of a Charter and/or Code of Conduct. People with membership status enjoy:

  • Full read/write access to U+’s online communications channels and events;
  • Access to U+’s network of members;
  • Access to, and voice on, all information relative to the organization, its activities, its funds, and the projects it carries out or supports;
  • The possibility to contribute in defining the Plurality University’s current and future directions;
  • The possibility to work on projects;
  • Access to information on all potential and future projects, and the possibility to submit or discuss projects.
  • The possibility to participate in collective decisions, in general by means of “lazy consensus” (no explicit objection meaning “Yes”) and in other cases, through consensus-seeking mechanisms;
  • The possibility to nominate oneself and/or vote for the Supervisory Board.

Look through our projects, take part, and let us know how to make them better! U+’s experimental approach is not possible without our members’ (your) engagement. Your returns, comments, experiences are what makes the project evolve and become more impactful. U+ is a learning process organized around one common objective (imaginaries for alternative futures) and common values (diversity, plurality, openness and sharing).

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Support us

The Plurality University Network’s resources come from its members and partners. Membership is free, but if you can, please support us by donating the amount of your choice.

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