“Imaginisations” Conference Cycle

Happening in French in Paris

To make something imagined. To become imagined. To make imaginable.”
Source: Urban Dictionary


The “Imaginisations” cycle of conferences/performances are exploring how words and images have the power to bring us together or apart, to highlight or obscure possibilities. This power acts through our imaginaries, i.e., the mental structures through which we make sense of what we live and perceive. If words and ideas can change the world, they do it by transforming our representations and our imaginaries.

Each Imaginisations conference will focus on a single word. Through talks, artistic performances and fun exercizes, it will try to help all participants understand how different people use this word differently and why it matters, play with its meanings and uses, and “imaginize” new senses of this word.

Imaginisations takes place within Césure, at the heart of Paris’ Latin Quarter.

Imaginisations # 1: Imaginaries

What are they made of? What do they do? Can you change them?

March 15, 2023
With Florence Giust-Desprairies, Psychosociologist, Gaïa Mugler, Alternatiba Paris, Max Mollon, designer, Laboratoire des Déviations Ecologiques, Rocio Berenguer, Dramaturgist, Yoan Ollivier, public-interest designer, VraimentVraiment.

Curated and organized by Daniel Kaplan.

Imaginisations # 2 : Space(s)

How do spaces produce meaning? Who decides. Could we design and inhabit them differently?

April 26, 2023
With Rachele Borghi, researcher in social and cultural Geography, Riwad Salim, digital designer at Centre Pompidou’s Institute for Researche and Innovation, Thibaud Griessinger & Emma Vilarem, neuroescientists, founders of [S]CITY.

Curated and organized by Chloé Luchs.

Imaginisations # 3 : Conspiracies

What is it made of? What and who’s it for? Are we all conspiracy theorists?

October 3, 2023
With Marie Rousselle-Olivier journalist, Romane Nicolas, dramaturgist, Mythique Compagnie, Marie Doyon & William Laboury, “visual educationists”.

Curated and organized by Juliette Grossmann.

A booklet was created for the public: a corpus of texts from social science research, with the aim of providing for the participants a foundation of crossed scientific knowledge on the issue of conspiracy theories. Curated by Juliette Grossmann and designed by Juliette Lépineau.

Imaginisations # 4 : Futur

What role does it play in our lives?
Why should we care?
Should we be afraid of it? And of us?

October 3, 2023
With Ketty Steward and Catherine Dufour, science fiction writers
Cynthia Bagousse & Thomas Arciszewski, psychologists, Esprit Futur research group

Curated and organized by Daniel Kaplan.