The Future is Now: Futures Literacy for Youth

“The Future is Now” aims to “Equip young people and the youth sector with futures literacy (tools, methods and practice) that allows them to imagine alternative futures and influence the present.” It is funded by Erasmus+, led by Youthwatch (Slovakia), BrusselAvenir (Belgium), and U+.

The project will be led in Bratislava, Brussels and Paris. It involves two groups of youngsters in Bratislava and Brussels, as well as people working in the “youth sector”, from institutions to NGOs.

It includes several phases:

  • “Trend reports” originating from young people themselves, on what influences their lives and lifestyles;
  • Training a network of young people on “Futures literacy”, increasing their capacity to understand their and others’ relationship to the future, and to “use the future”;
  • Formalizing an open-source “Futures literacy curriculum” specifically designed for young people;
  • Formalizing recommendations for the youth sector on participatory approaches to develop futures literacy among youngsters.