U+zine #7, “Clothes”, bilingual event

2021.11.26, 17:00–19:00

Slow or fast, fashion is temporal. For many of us, the relationship to the life of clothes is partial or incomplete : materials become fabrics, fabrics become clothes, clothes become trends, trends are worn-off, clothes become rags…it happens.
As we want to understand our habits, engage through our consumption and frame how the world perceives us, several questions emerge…and will be explored by:

Geraldine Wharry, a Fashion Futurist, Public Speaker, Educator and Designer with 20 years of experience working across the Fashion Industry.
Sakina Msa,an ethical fashion designer, with a focus on the ecological and social “deep sustainability” of fashion. Through her own brand, as well as social and artistic initiatives, she promotes integration through sewing, on-demand production and upcycling.

The short discussions will be followed by a interactive workshop !