U+Zine 7, “Clothes”

Slow or fast, fashion is temporal. For many of us, the relationship to the life of clothes is partial or incomplete : materials become fabrics, fabrics become clothes, clothes become trends, trends are worn-off, clothes become rags…it happens.
As we want to understand our habits, engage through our consumption and frame how the world perceives us, several questions emerge.

What are the functions of clothes? What relation do clothes have with the body? What do we express through clothing? In which systems are clothes embedded? How are clothes statements? How are trends determined?

For this call, we invite you to explore alternative shapes, life cycles, trends and cultural dynamics of what we, maybe, used to call “clothes”.
Here are possible ideas :

What if the ever-changing fashion marries resilience?
What if the idea of clothes is translated in a tangible, numerical world?
How will materials be selected in the future and how will it create new ways of being?
What if we start caring for our clothes?
What if our clothes start caring for us?
What if clothes affected our relationship to others?
What if clothes could be brought to life?

By the end of October 2021, send us a story, a drawing, a picture, a video, a sentence, original or not, that you created or that inspires you … all formats are accepted!

You can send it to us by email : info@plurality-university.org (contributions for the publication).
Also don’t hesitate to come get some inspiration about the topic or drop references in our collaborative platform here.

What will it produce?

As for all the thematic explorations in the U+ZINE cycles, the content will be assembled and published in the form of a small-open source magazine, providing food for everyone’s thought and imagination: selected creative proposals, references, links to follow, short texts and images, to make this exchange a stepping stone, an invitation to collectively push this exploration further.

Want to join the curatorial committee of this cycle?
Email us at info@plurality-university.org

If you have any questions, you can contact us by email or on social networks, we will be happy to answer it!
For more info on participation, a Q/A page is available here.