U+Zine 6, “Health”

I am… Sick. Well. Better. Healed. Chronic. Unwell. Condemned. Different. Serene. Hospitalized. Insured. Uninsured. At risk. Predisposed. Infected. A carrier of. Healthy. Repaired. Augmented; Vaccinated. Anesthetized. Incurable. (Ir)Responsible. A smoker. An opioid addict. Equipped. Assisted. A caregiver. Caring…

I am… A doctor. A surgeon. A nurse. A midwife. A stretcher-bearer. A biologist. Underpaid. Overpaid.Paramedic. Pharmacist. Startup. Lab. Specialist. General practitioner. A.I.. Rural. Urban. Registered. Expensive. Overbooked. Public. Private. Exhausted. On strike. Homeopathic. Allopathic. Alterpathic…

These are some of the words of today’s dominant world of health and medicine - professionalized, high-tech, socialized, at the same time incredibly efficient, under stress and challenged by emerging or very old alternative paradigms.

So, tomorrow? How could or should we redefine health, sickness, and care? What, for instance, would post-collapse care look like? Or a trans- or post-human definition of health? Or definitions emerging from other cultures, from alternative practice?

Imagine other words, other definitions, other narratives of health, sickness and care in the future.

By May 10, 2021, send us a story, a drawing, a picture, a sentence, original or not, that you created or that inspires you.

You can send it to us by email or drop it on our open collective platform.

What will it produce?
As for all the thematic explorations in the U+ZINE cycles, the content will be assembled and published in the form of a small-open source magazine, providing food for everyone’s thought and imagination: selected creative proposals, references, links to follow, short texts and images, to make this exchange a stepping stone, an invitation to collectively push this exploration further.

Want to join the curatorial committee of this cycle ?
Email us at info@plurality-university.org