Chapter 1: The Library of Transformative Narratives

The first step of Narratopias is to build a collective library of transformative narratives, from all over the world, and open to all languages and means of expressions.

This Library will be managed as a “commons”. Anyone can access it, browse through its content, and contribute to it. The content database will also be made available to research and other groups willing to analyze it, map it, etc.

Discover the Library

→ Contribute by entering the “transformative narratives” that matter to you

  • See the call for participation: English / Deutsch / Español / Français / العربية / 中文 [forthcoming]
  • We wish the call to be translated in as many languages as possible. If you’re ready to help, let us know! [thanks Insaf Ben Othmane Hamrouni, Jorge Camacho, Daniel Schimmeplpfennig !]

→ Organise a “Sharing Transformative Narratives” workshop, to share transformative narratives with your coworkers / community / friends, etc., initiate conversations around those narratives, and collect content for the Library.