Narratopias: Call for participation!

Open call

Narratopias is a collective, open project to organize, on a global scale, a collective response to the recurring call for new narratives. An invitation to embark on a collective search for alternative, transformative narratives, and turn them into the seeds of concrete changes.
This project will develop in two chapters. First, we will collect existing “new narratives” from all over the world. Then, connect, facilitate and support initiatives that both enrich the diversity of narratives, and use them empower individuals and communities to think up or effect transformations.

→ Find a full description of the project on our website.
→ Download this call (.pdf)

Contribute to the collective Library of Transformative Narratives

→ Objective: 300+ “new narratives” by April 30, 2021

The project will start by building a collective library of transformative narratives, from all over the world, and open to all languages and means of expressions.

These Narratives can be presented in stories, utopias, images or videos, games, design fictions… They can be about the future, the present or even the past, so long as they intend to enable or facilitate transformative action or effect a reconstruction of some sort, at any scale (from local community to the Planet). They can be your own work, or references that you find fertile and inspiring; Original or pre-existing works; Based on pure imagination or on existing initiatives and experiences.

What “narratives” are we looking for? As we move along and from your participation, the criteria will evolve. The main ones are: sustainability (meaning: there is a future, although it may not be a utopia), fertility (something can grow out of this narrative), and openness (there is room for positive disagreements).

How to get started?

  • If you are a collective or an individual and wish to be part of the project, get in touch. You can also share your content directly on our collaborative platform.
  • If you’re a collective, we can help organize a workshop or meeting to collect and discuss transformative narratives with your community and share the results. Contact us, or take part in the next, free, Narratopias Training Workshop on March 18, 2021!