Collective Creative Practices for Transformation

In 2021, we launched Narratopias in order to answer the recurring call for “new narratives”. With the help of U+’s community, we collected 260+ “transformative narratives” in a collaborative Library.

One lesson we learned from this first year is that how and by whom narratives are produced, used and discussed, matters as much as their content. Many groups develop collective practices that work creatively with “narratives” (in the broadest sense) as a base for transforming reality.

We would like to bring them together, in order to learn from one another, collectively address shared challenges, and give more visibility to what they do.

In 2022 (and early 2023), we intend to:

  • Organize monthly encounters wherein we will share our experiences and methods (“Agoras”);
  • Create a simple “repository” of reusable methods and tools;
  • Organize workshops to dig deeper into common challenges shared by many of us;
  • Prepare a publication and an event, which should take place in Paris in March 2023, so as to give visibility to this field of practice.

Are you engaged in collective, participative initiatives using imagination, arts, fiction and narratives to explore and enable real-world transformations? Are you interested in sharing what you do with others? If so, let us know here !

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