Collective Creative Practices for Transformation

This project is part of the Narratopias project

Collective Creative Practices for Transformation is an open and collaborative research project that aims to gather practitioners, artists and researchers who participate in these kinds of practices in order to exchange ideas, discuss common issues, share methods, towards the delineation of an emerging field of practice.

We define a collective creative practice as follows :
A project led by individuals or organizations (artists, researchers, activists, public institutions, NGO’s..) who use artistic formats (fictional writing, theater, design fiction, etc.) with groups to open up the paths for transformations, by:

  • Raising awareness;
  • Building capacities;
  • Creating new spaces for debate;
  • Exploring new possibilities and paths.

In 2021, we launched Narratopias in order to answer the recurring call for “new narratives”. In meeting with groups who concretely used “narratives” (in the broadest sense) as a base for transformation, we learned that how and by whom narratives are produced, used and discussed, matters as much as their content.

We want to bring these groups together, in order to:

In 2023, we will formalize the first steps of our research in a collective publication and organize an international event.

Are you engaged in collective, participative initiatives using imagination, arts, fiction and narratives to explore and enable real-world transformations? Are you interested in sharing what you do with others? If so, let us know here !