The Narratopias Wall & Game

Based on Narratopia’s Library of Transformative Narratives, we have designed two devices whose role is to allow visitors of an exhibition, or participants in a workshop, to engage with narratives, discuss them, continue them and project themselves into the futures that they describe: the Narratopias Wall, and the Game.

The Narratopias Wall

The “Narratopias Wall” intends to facilitate interaction and dialogue around the “transformative narratives” gathered by Narratopias. It was first tested during the “Quand, soudainement” exhibition (Paris, October 1-6, 2021).

Participants work on and around a large (2x3m) magnetic board which allows them:

  • To choose images and narrratives of the future that resonate with them, then place them somewhere on the Wall
  • To discuss the narratives, regroup some of them, separate others, rate them, replace them…
  • And, to project themselves inside the narratives, with the help of the card game.

The Narratopias Wall is designed to be used during public events and workshops.

The Narratopias Game

With this card game, we invite you to continue a transformative narrative of your choice. “In this future, there is… (a thing, a situation, etc.) that… (does, evokes, represents something)”: imagine what it is!

  • Choose the narrative you wish to continue
  • Take a blank “… Continued” sheet
  • Pick one random “There is…” and one random “… That…” card
  • Take your time to imagine what this is and write it on a sheet. Answer with a drawing or a description.
  • Then stick it on the board, next to the original narrative.

Done! You can start over as many times as you like.

Download the game’s components:

The Narratopias Wall & Game were created by U+ and the VraimentVraiment design agency, with creative help from Rose Rondelez.
The game is freely inspired by The Thing From The Future, created by Situation Lab (Stuart Candy & Jeff Watson).
Photos: A. Abitbol & A. Ferreira.