The Narratopias Wall

Designed in co-operation with VraimentVraiment, the “Narratopias Wall” intends to facilitate interaction and dialogue around the “transformative narratives” gathered by Narratopias. It was first tested during the “Quand, soudainement” exhibition (Paris, October 1-6, 2021).

Participants work on and around a large (2x3m) magnetic board which allows them:

  • To choose images and narrratives of the future that resonate with them, then place them somewhere on the Wall
  • To discuss the narratives, regroup some of them, separate others, rate them, replace them…
  • And, to project themselves inside the narratives, with the help of a card game (freely inspired by “The Thing From the Future” created by Stuart Candy & Jeff Watson)

The Narratopias Wall is designed to be used during public events and workshops.

(Photos: A. Abitbol & A. Ferreira)