2024 General Meeting

2024.02.07, 14:00–18:30

This information is for the attention of members of U+ (Active members and Friends).

If you’re a Member of U+, you are hereby invited to our 5th General Meeting, which will be held online, February 7, from 1pm to 5:30 pm GMT!
There will be 3 distinct moments during the General Meeting - the 2nd being reserved for only Active members (see the program below):

1-2pm GMT [all members]: Looking back on 2023, we will focus on 2 projects
  • The Future is Now, which has developed and tested creative methods to develop “futures literacy” among teenagers (facilitated by Chloé Luchs);
  • The Emerging Enterprise, a unique foresight project on the future of corporations, using collective fiction as a means of exploration (facilitated by Daniel Kaplan).

    —> Join us to discover and discuss these projects, and find out how you could use their outcomes!

2-3:30pm GMT [active members only]: U+ in 2024 and after
  • Discover other members and especially the candidates for the board election
  • Discuss the 2024 Action Plan (available here): how to participate, and what should come next for U+?
  • We will share a few existential questions about U+ with you, and look forward to discussing them with you.
4-5:30pm GMT [all members]: Project Exchange
  • 3-6 invited projects or initiatives offer short presentations, as starters for other participants to share theirs, and/or other references of projects, actions, works of art or research, etc.

    —> Do you have a project that you’d like to share with U+’s members? If so, let us know at the end of the registration form! If selected, you will be given 5 minutes to do so.

—> During that meeting, we will also elect 5 of 9 members of our board. If you are an Active Member and wish to serve on this board, please declare your candidacy here before January 31!