May 23-June 1, 2022: U+’s 3rd General Assembly!

Update (June 2, 2022): The votes are in!

Following the 2022 General Assembly:

  • The Activity Report and Accounts were approved by unanimous vote
  • Brigitte van der Sande, Ketty Steward, Lara Houston, and Petra Ardai, were elected to the board. Congratulations!

We thank our members for their participation in the General Assembly.

General Assemby Announcement

U+’s third General Assembly and Board Election will be held between May 23 and June 1, 2022. This event is online and open to all members who joined before May 23, 2022.

According to the Statutes (French) / English), the General Assembly needs to take three formal decisions:

Also, we want the General Assembly to be a place for substantive discussion on what U+ should become, what it should do, and how. To this end, we are organizing four open Zoom calls, in two languages (French, English), at different times so as to allow members from all continents to join: