U+ Lab

A “living lab” for action learning material and methods on plural futures literacy


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U+ Lab


U+ Lab is a real (although still emerging) project at EM Lyon (France). Several of those present at the founders’ meeting were already involved in designing it.

The project could become more valuable to all by sharing with the whole U+ community: asking for references, materials and comments, and sharing back all materials, experiences and evaluation. It could also provide “Action Research” opportunities. Eventually, U+ Lab could become a networked living lab producing Action Research on how to spread a “plural futures literacy”.


Initially, students, teachers and U+ members. Soon after, involve professionals and other groups.


Many of U+ members belong to or work with educational institutions and could be involved in U+ Lab. Building plural futures capacities in future and current professionals is of high importance. Also, there are big opportunities for projects that reach out to other, less visible communities, built together with students, artists and members of these communities.


Based on the French project, an online collaboration mechanism could be set to initiate sharing, and build up from there.

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