Common Ground Dialogue - Storytelling circle


We organised three days of Storytelling circle.

As part of Common ground Dialogues, a Creative Europe project in collaboration with Hungarian, Slovakian and Dutch non-profits from the cultural, creative, social and academic fields, U+ facilitated 3 days of training on co-creative artistic storytelling practice.

The methodology is about how to use artistic tools to empower communities and address issues of inclusivity and equality by collective storytelling towards engaging new ways of generating dialogue. The aim of the project is to develop a transferable format that is shared with practitioners in the arts and social realm.

Project partners: SPACE, Explorers of the Continuous Present (NL); Subjective Values Foundation (HU); Divadelná Nitra Association (SK); Plurality University Network (FR); Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Faculty of Social Sciences, Institute fot Societal Resilience (NL)

On the last we explored another methodology with some games with Vraiment Vraiment, Quartier Ludiques (about urbanism) and Démocratie Ouverte (democratic) Thomas Coispel (card game free imagination)

with Petra Ardai, Common Ground Dialogues, Jorgen Axelvall, Tilab, Chloe Luchs