U+ Days

An international sequence of distributed events, workshops, performances dedicated to alternative futures and the role of arts and design in figuring them and making them happen.


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U+ Days

U+ Days is an international sequence of events organized over a 2 months period (September 30 to December 1, 2019),
of all kinds: workshops, parties, art shows, conferences, games, carnivals,
some created for the occasion, others already planned and slightly modified to connect to the U+ Days sequence,
around a common goal: to generate alternative futures, with the help of arts and design, and with the participation of non-experts,
around a common, open theme: “TRANS-“,
and connected together via a common platform as well as a symbolic “Torch” whose shape evolves as it is passed from one event to the next.

Download a short presentation of U+ Days >>

The 2019 Theme: ‘TRANS-‘

TRANS- -ition

TRANSformation, TRANSparency, TRANSgender, TRANSborder… The present is full of TRANS-; what if the future was all about it?

Not just TRANShumanism, but about TRANScending disciplines and other established categories, TRANSitioning to livable modes of development, and TRANSmitting a better world to future generations…

TRANS- is about taking nothing for granted, looking beyond, linking what used to be separate, changing oneself as well as what surrounds us, taking the first step and also the ones that follow.


Whether you already have a planned event during this period and would like to connect it to U+ Days’ global program, or whether you’re thinking of organizing something specific:

What will be the benefits?

  • Your event will be present on U+ Days’ global program and website, and presented during the media campaign, its outputs will be published as they come;
  • Members of the Plurality University Network will be made aware of your event, giving you the possibility to call upon their expertise, request their intervention, etc.;
  • Your participants will feel that they are part of something larger, and contribute to shaping the “Torch” that is passed from event to event;
  • Your event will be featured in the Plurality University Network’s yearly publication;
  • If needed, U+ can provide a small financial contribution to cover additional expenses.

What will you need to do?

  • Make sure your event can relate to the Theme and the core set of principles for U+ Days <need to write them!!>;
  • Add the U+ Days logo and link to your communication material;
  • Find a creative way to acknowledge the reception of the “Torch”, and to add and transmit your own contribution at the end.
  • That is all: The rest is up to you, with our assistance if needed!


The Plurality University Network’s mission is to “detect, connect, and federate people and organizations that mobilize the resources of the imaginary to explore alternative futures.” U+ Days is a way to achieve this goal both locally and globally, by networking a series of physical events over time.

The goal of U+ Days is therefore:

  • To showcase the diversity and fecundity of possibilities for the future that only the arts can conjure,
  • To create a dialogue between future narratives & images, beyond differences in language, culture, practice, expertise…
  • To inspire in new audiences a desire and capabilities to reinvent the future, and act now to make them happen
  • To nourish the Plurality University Network

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