Emile Hooge

Futures explorer and service designer

Emile is a partner and director at nova7, an urban innovation consultancy working to make cities better places to live in. He develops participatory approaches to explore the futures of urban life. He leads user research projects to understand the way people move about, live, work, and interact in cities. And he also designs services or public policies to tackle the critical issues we are facing today.

Exemples de projets :

  • Emile organized a three-day creative event to imagine the future of a train station, in Lyon. With his team, he brought together more than 80 people from the city government, the train company, designers, a fablab, dancers, a DIY shop, local citizens and users from the station. They created several functional prototypes of new services, build some furniture and prepared some usage scenarios. On the last day, they presented a show, enacting their imagined train station, to a crowd of several hundred people.
  • Emile is working on a new project to help “imaginize the future”: the Imaginarium will be a collaborative workplace where various contributors can come together to create positive stories about the future, combining art, science, research or design. In this same place, or during dedicated events, participants will be able to experience life in these alternative futures and get inspired to change.

Emile est directeur associé de nova7, une agence de conseil en innovation urbaine qui œuvre à fabriquer des villes plus habitables et inclusives. Il développe des démarches participatives pour explorer le futur des modes de vies urbains. Il dirige des projets de recherche sur les usages de la ville pour mieux comprendre comment les gens se déplacent, travaillent, habitent et interagissent dans la ville. Et il contribue au design de services ou de politiques publiques pour répondre aux enjeux économiques, sociaux et écologiques contemporains.