A message from #writever creator Ketty Steward

> Originally published in French on Ketty Steward's blog.

Writever is a short writing challenge of Imaginary micro-fictions started in November 2020. Every day of the month has a word, and every word of the day invites participants to write a 280-character tweet under the genre of sci-fi or fantasy.

We quickly went from 15 participants in November 2020 to over 30 in February 2021 and to close to 100 in March.

Retweeting each micro-fiction with one thumb has become time and energy consuming. My personal writer account, @k_tastrof, and her activities was drowning under the enthusiastic literary mass.

However, giving up #writever was unthinkable.
I thought about different solutions and asked trusted people for help: Daniel Kaplan and Chloé Luchs, pillars of the Plurality University Network, of which I am the president.

Stories and imaginaries being what we deal with in U+, they have agreed to team up and facilitate this challenge with me. A dedicated @writeverB account has been created to allow mine to resurface and facilitate follow-up.

Jenny will relay the contributions in English on @Writeverj. Both of these accounts have automated functions thanks to Livia Galeazzi, web developer, writer, #writever participant and reader from the start.

Of course, I am here to stay. To write and read micro-fictions, to share some of them and to animate this project that we have created together. You can now talk about it around you without the fear of overwhelming me, we are (almost) ready.

The #writever project continues, the changes introduced have the sole purpose of perpetuating the same spirit of shared creativity, respect and maintain the objective that was his from the start: to make room, on Twitter, for bubbles of hope, art and imagination.

I invite you to follow @writeverJ for contributions in English, and @writeverB for texts in French and all other languages but English.

The #writever tag will give you access to all participations.