U+Zine 9, “Identity”

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At the beginning of the 20th century, Virginia Woolf’s writes in Orlando: “Orlando sipped the wine and the Archduke knelt and kissed her hand. In short, they acted the parts of man and woman for ten minutes with great vigour and then fell into natural discourse.”

In a world where gender and culture defines our identity and influences pretty much everything around us: our work, our relations, how other perceive us, how we will grow..This famous sentence from Virginia Woolf’s Orlando implies that gender and our identity are for one linked, they can be something moveable and enacted, temporary, chosen and culturally informed.
Judith Butler talks of agency, the capacity to act and have the freedom to take position our performative and culturally informed identity (be it on gender or other components of one’s identity).
Is it possible to imagine an identity that is in no way culturally or biologically fixed ? Can we take position above societies dominant glance ?

Tell us the story of this identity and the world in which it evolves in. Identity can be yours, a group, a person’s, a fiction. It can be performative, defend or represent a fictional or real situation.
Send us a contribution: a story,a drawing, a project, a picture, that represents how you imagine your construction of this “identity”.