The Plurality University Network (U+) is a global, open organization that connects artists, designers, utopians and activists who use the power of imagination to enable alternative futures.


U+ZINE: springboard for Ideas

U + zine is a cycle of short thematic explorations for alternative futures and change, through the lens of arts and fiction. Current topics: FOOD, HISTORY.

The Interview Project: Explore the website and learn how you can participate!

An “interview chain” of, and by, those who mobilize imaginaries to produce or experiment alternative futures.


Futures Fragments: Share Something from the Future!

The Plurality University Network’s first project is a collective repository of visions of what the future might look like, from as many diverse perspectives as possible. Share an image, a book, a movie or an idea you have in mind, which speaks to you and somehow inspire your vision of the future!

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“Design is a powerful way of mobilising and rejuvenating imaginaries””

In January 2019, U+ cofounder Daniel Kaplan was interviewed by James Auger, for the Speculative Edu project, about the Plurality University Network project, the role of design, education, and design education for the future.