The Plurality University Network (U+) is a global, open organization that connects artists, designers, utopians and activists who use the power of imagination to enable alternative futures.


Futures Fragments: Share Something from the Future!

The Plurality University Network’s first project is a collective repository of visions of what the future might look like, from as many diverse perspectives as possible. Share an image, a book, a movie or an idea you have in mind, which speaks to you and somehow inspire your vision of the future!

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June 13: Design Fiction Club / U+, 15 projects to create other futures

The event will be held at the Gaîté Lyrique in Paris, France

What we’ll do in 2019

These are the projects collectively decided during the Plurality University Network’s Founders’ Meeting at the end of 2018


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Futurs Pluriels

The #futurspluriels conference cycle questions and re-examines themes related to future and imaginations, by inviting speakers with varied profiles to give their vision on the weekly thematics [in French].