The Plurality University Network (U+) is a global, open organization that connects artists, designers, utopians and activists who use the power of imagination to enable alternative futures.


Sept.14 – Dec. 3rd: The Many Tomorrows Festival!

An international sequence of distributed events, workshops, performances dedicated to alternative futures and the role of arts and design in figuring them and making them happen. Your event can still be part of the Festival!


The Interview Project: Explore the website and learn how you can participate!

An “interview chain” of, and by, those who mobilize imaginaries to produce or experiment alternative futures.


Futures Fragments: Share Something from the Future!

The Plurality University Network’s first project is a collective repository of visions of what the future might look like, from as many diverse perspectives as possible. Share an image, a book, a movie or an idea you have in mind, which speaks to you and somehow inspire your vision of the future!

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Meet the heart of the Plurality University Network


“Design is a powerful way of mobilising and rejuvenating imaginaries””

In January 2019, U+ cofounder Daniel Kaplan was interviewed by James Auger, for the Speculative Edu project, about the Plurality University Network project, the role of design, education, and design education for the future.