Imaginisations, Special Edition: “Futures Literacy”

2024.09.18, 17:30–20:30

What if… in 2050, learning to imagine and discuss futures was a normal part of education, at all ages?
How would it change education? The world? How would that happen? What else would that change in education? What would be the benefits for young persons?…

This sixth “Imaginisations” conference-performance will share the results of the european “Future Is Now” project, of which U+ is a partner alongside Youthwatch (Slovakia) and BrusselAvenir (Belgium). The project is supported by the EU’s Erasmus+ program.

Main participants :

  • Ellen Anthoni, BrusselAvenir
  • Cécile Poletti, Les Petits Débrouillards
  • Alena Tomanová, Youtwatch
  • Ketty Steward, Juliette Grossmann and Daniel Kaplan, Plurality University Network

This event will happen in-person
Wednesday September 18, 5:30-8h30 pm
Césure, 13 rue de Santeuil 75005 Paris (France), amphi B