2023 General Assembly #2: Turning U+ into what it really is


Online - Until October 5, 2023

As announced in our previous email re:General Assembly, the minimum number of voters (“quorum”) has not been reached during our previous Assembly. In order to implement the changes in how we handle our membership, we need to organize a second Assembly on October 5, where there will be no minimum.

Here is a reminder of the changes that we propose

When we created U+ in 2018-2019, we gave it bylaws that worked for a small, tight-knit group of people. Five years later, U+ resembles more a large, diffuse, and mostly informal network of a few hundreds or thousands of persons working at the crossroads between socio-ecological change; arts, fiction & design; and research.
However, our membership system doesn’t reflect this. Some of you are more interested in what U+ does than in what it is as an organization; some want to be active in our organization but only for a limited time; and some participate in our activities (workshops, conferences, repositories…) without being members - which is also OK.
It’s therefore time we adjust our bylaws to what U+ really is. That requires a General Assembly. It will take place online, between September 3 and 18. If (which, for the aforementioned reasons, is more than likely) the minimum number of voters (“quorum”) has not been reached, there will be a second Assembly on October 5, where there will be no minimum.

What will change in the new bylaws?

Today, you’re either a member or you’re not. As a member, you are invited to participate in U+’s governance (its General Assemblies, possibly its Board) - and if you’re not interested in participating that way, the current bylaws make it a problem.
Also, except if you explicitly opt out, you remain a member for life.
In the new system, there will be two levels of membership, both free, and you will get to decide which one you choose at the beginning of each year:

  • “Active Members” are those who are interested in taking part in U+’s decisions for the upcoming year. As an Active Member, we’ll call upon you a few times a year to collectively imagine possible projects and discuss future choices.
  • “Friends of U+” are interested in U+’s projects, but not its governance and development. You will have access to everything U+ does. You just won’t be solicited for the organization’s inner workings.
  • You’ll be able to change your status every year, or to opt out of U+ entirely, no question asked.

We believe this new system better reflects the diversity of U+’s community, and provides more flexibility to everyone. We hope you’ll see it that way as well!

How to participate

The General Assembly will ask you to:

  • Approve U+’s Activity Report and Accounts for 2022
  • Approve the changes in the Bylaws [you can see the current version of the bylaws here]
  • We believe the next board election should only take place after the new membership system has been implemented, therefore we’re asking you to approve postponing the election until the next General Assembly, which will take place in early 2024.
  • Last, French law require that we appoint an auditor to review our financial statements. This auditor needs to be approved by the General Assembly.

Vote now!