Workshop: “Scenarios and Narratives for the 21st Century”


Le 27 octobre 2023, pendant la 25e conférence mondiale de la World Futures Studies Federation’s, nous avons organisé un atelier en collaboration avec la Fondation 2100.

Le pitch (en anglais) : “How will human societies evolve in the rest of the 21st century? In spite of how “VUCA” or “postnormal” our world appears, are we able to tell the story (or rather, stories) of this century? We’d like to try it with you!
How will this highly participative workshop unfold?
Think of is as a mechanism for creating storylines of which we are both protagonists and authors.
The storylines will be centered around bifurcations – decisions (or the absence thereof) that alter the course of history for a whole community.
Before that, we’ll discuss catalysts – trends, emergences and risks that make change (but not its results) certain.
Then we’ll choose an initial bifurcation. Unsurprisingly, the initial one will have climate change at its core, however responding (or not responding) to it can take very different forms. Several groups will explore these differences.
Having told the stories of this initial bifurcation, we’ll pause around 2050 and take stock: what do our worlds look like as a result? And more interestingly: what are the important issues then, and what new bifurcations are ahead of us?”

Dans le fichier à télécharger, vous trouverez (en anglais) :

  • La production synthétique de l’atelier
  • Une description de la méthodologie
  • Les outils et modèles utilisés