(EN) Narratopias Sharing Workshop (3)

2021.05.12, 18:00–19:00

As you know, U+’s latest project, Narratopias, has a pretty ambitious objective: to start answering this mysterious but O so present call for “New Narratives”.
Our first objective is to build a common Library of Transformative Narratives. A library that says “New Narratives?…Here are +300 of them”

We understand it’s more fun to share and exchange with others on transformative narratives. Join us in one of our 1-hour Narratopias Sharing Workshops and contribute to a commons.

Come to the workshop with a “narrative”you believe answer this call.

Transformative Narratives are stories, told through different voices and media (text, video, game, performance, visual arts…), that point at a systemic transformation towards a different present or future.
These new narratives offer different ways of looking at the world. They can be about the future, the present or even the past; About your community, region, or the planet, or even the universe. They can be your own work, or references that you find inspiring; Original or pre-existing works; Based on imaginary worlds or on existing initiatives and experiences.