PRIMER 21 - Recanvassing business unmodels for the post-growth era

2021.07.11, 10:00–13:00

This Workshop is a part of the 2021 edition of PRIMER conference schedule.

Business models and business plans are speculative fictions designed to convince others to fund what you’d really like to do. Let’s take them to the next level, post-Covid, but more importantly post-growth or even post-apocalyptic!

Imagine perverting the tired Business Model Canvas to describe a post-growth business and convince (heretofore) unlikely partners to back you. Imagine having to choose what will have to disappear so that your new venture doesn’t add to the world’s material clutter; To describe your interactions with other-than-humans, backed by actual letters of support; To prove that your project can work even when all networks are down; To invent entirely new metrics which, again, need to be compensated by removing other metrics; To associate your project with an ancestral myth or totem and accept the consequences; etc.
You can come with your serious or weird post-growth business proposition, and in case you haven’t got one, we’ll provide a few. Be prepared to answer unusual questions, come up with new ones to ask your fellow participants, and imagine a new world of interdependencies.
This will be an experimental workshop, but with a very serious goal: imagining what a “business” might mean in a very different world.

This workshop is co-designed and will be ran in common between the Plurality University Network and Vraiment Vraiment, a public-service and common good design agency based in Paris.