The Interview Project

Around the world, individuals and collectives are using imagination and the arts to change the future: they are imagining new stories or representations, clearing new paths of transformation and including those who are usually excluded from the conversation about futures.

Call for interviewers

The Plurality University Network’s mission is to find them, to allow others to discover them, and to encourage an exchange between these practices and these visions of the future.

This mission begins by conversations with and about these people, what they do and how they do it, what they have or haven’t achieved, where they want to go.

We need you to help launch these conversations. How? By creating “chains” of interviews, in which the interviewees become interviewers, in order to find and give visibility to more and more people and practices that change the future.

To Participate

Choose a person whose work interests you. Two guidelines: (1) she or he relies on imagination and creation, whatever this definition represents to you, to explore or materialize other futures; (2) she or he agrees to play the game and interview a person in turn, and so on – the chain is created.

We send you a short guide that helps you prepare and carry out the interview. Not a list of pre-made, pre-constructed questions, rather leads to engage in a conversation that will interest you both. No formal obligation: we recommend a face-to-face interview, but of course a phone or skype call (or even email) is also possible.

After the interview is over, post it on the website dedicated for this purpose: sound recording, video, text, comics, whatever you want to share. We help you to finalize the formatting and publish it. Done!


From September 1st to Spring 2020.

What Will It Produce?

All interviews will be published on a dedicated website. Mid-2020, a online and paper publication (free and open source) will gather the interviews and put them into perspective.

All contents will be made accessible under a Creative Commons-Attribution license.

Who Can Participate, and How?

Everybody. The only condition is that interviewees in turn agree to interview someone else to create the next link in the chain. Write to We will send you the necessary information and help you start a chain of interviews.