Narratopias Training Workshop (2)

2021.04.15, 14:30–16:30
Missed the first Narratopias workshop? No problem, here is your chance to participate!
What are Narratopias Workshops?

A Narratopias Workshop is a workshop, organized in connexion with the Narratopias project, where participants share narratives of alternative futures that either (i) they have created or co-created, or that (ii) inspire them. The outcomes of a Narratopias Workshop will contribute to a commons: Narratopia’s Library of Alternative Narratives.
A Naratopias Training Workshop is here to help you experience, then organize (and adapt) your own Narratopias Worskhops.

Who can take part?

Anyone can register to a Narratopias Training Workshop. The more diverse the participants, the better. We will make sure to schedule them in order to fit different time zones.
All that we require is that you bring something with you: a reference to an “Alternative Narrative” that you feel should be included into Narratopia’s Library.

[Excerpt from the Call for Participation] Narratives can be presented in stories, utopias, images or videos, games, design fictions… They can be about the future, the present or even the past, so long as they intend to enable or facilitate transformative action or effect a reconstruction of some sort, at any scale (from local community to the Planet). They can be your own work, or references that you find fertile and inspiring; Original or pre-existing works; Based on pure imagination or on existing initiatives and experiences.

As an individual or a collective, you can also organize your own Narratopias Workshop. During the Training Workshop, we will provide an indicative methodology, which you can adapt to your needs and practice. All that we ask is that you share the most relevant content collected on the collective platform that will give birth to the Library, corpora (and, if possible, that you let us know how it went!)

How are Narratopias Workshops organized?

Narratopias Workshops typically last 1.5 to 2.5 hours. They can be organized online (in a place with reasonably good Internet) or in-person. The minimum number of participants is 7-8, there is no maximum but larger groups should be divided into teams of 8-10 people, ideally with a facilitator for each (doesn’t need to be a professional facilitator).