Narratopia project, First milestone meeting

2021.05.18, 14:00–17:00

On May 19th 2021, we will meet around a Sharing Session with individuals taking part of Narratopias who have organized workshops around Narratopias and/or integrated the project within their area of practice.

This sharing session is the first milestone of the Narratopias project. It is a moment to meet with other collaborators, discover and discuss the material we each have collected, evaluate what we have learnt and brainstorm around the next steps we should take.

These sharing sessions will happen every quarter for the length of the project. They are important in the advancement of Narratopias, as they are moments we can collectively re-evaluate and re-adapt the original “next steps” (je ne sais pas si on devrait dire “steps” ou “objectives” ) to these new findings or realizations and to our specific area of practice.

**Link to sign up will be shared soon