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Plurality University Network strives to pro­vide accurate and cur­rent in­for­ma­tion on or via this web­site. As the greatest pos­sible care was taken in de­signing and com­piling this site, the in­for­ma­tion featured is not legally binding.

Code of conduct

The Plurality University Network has established a Code of Conduct which applies to the organisation as well as its members. The code’s aim is to support a community where all people feel welcome to participate, introduce new ideas and inspire others, discuss and improve their own and others’ ideas, regardless of background, race or ethnicity, geographic location, gender, sexual orientation, language, age, ability, social status, religion, etc.

Openness, creativity, collaboration, and participation are core values of the Plurality University. To produce plurality, diversity – of people, practices, and ideas – is needed. These guidelines exist to enable diverse individuals and groups to interact and collaborate to mutual advantage. To this end, they outline both expected and prohibited behavior.

The Code of Conduct can be viewed by accessing the link below.

Data policy

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Chloé Luchs

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Your Personal Data

The personal information collected on this form is recorded in a computerized file by the Plurality University Network, for the sole purpose of the “Future Fragments” project. They will be used:

  • To publish online the “Futures Fragments” that you have transmitted to us;
  • For editorial, research or teaching projects that will build on the Futures Fragments collected and shared.

Personal data are kept for 2 years maximum. No other information (cookie, IP address …) is saved.

You can exercise your rights of access to data, rectification or opposition by contacting: