Futures literacy summit – UNESCO


The Plurality University Network along with many other organisations along the world, will join the Future Literacy Summit from the 8 to 12 December 2020.

U+ will be present on the 8th from 10-2pm, the 9th from 3-6pm.

We will also hold a workshop: “Futuring through Fiction” – a short workshop where you will experience how arts and fiction can help explore plural futures.

Please come with a piece of art or fiction (a narrative, a poem, an image…) that symbolizes what, for you, would be a “desirable” world in the future. We will work together through these narratives, see what common or not-so-common themes emerge, and also open up the discussion on what “desirable” may represent for each of us.

You will be redirected on the related event on UNESCO’s website.

About the event

Futures Literacy Summit will provide testimonials from around the world about how futures literacy changes what people see and do. From high ranking leaders in the public and private sector to activists, artists, students and professors, the Summit will show how people become “futures literate” and the impact it has on all aspects of life, from dealing with COVID-19 to breaking the reproduction of oppression.

Now, as always, the future is uncertain. Climate change, pandemics, economic crisis, social exclusion, racism, oppression of women, inter-generational conflict, and more, shatter the conventional images of the future that humans use to feel secure, to be confident enough to invest in tomorrow.

This is not a small problem. Without images of the future that inspire hope and foster collaboration there is a high risk of despair and war. The malaise of poverty-of-the-imagination must be overcome.