What does being a U+ Supervisory Board member mean?

According to the Bylaws:

The Supervisory Board is made up of 9 members. It is renewed annually by vote of the members. Membership in the Supervisory Board is renewable once.

It elects the president for a period of one year, renewable once.

Its official tasks (summarized) are:

  1. Approve the annual accounts and activity report, before submission to all members.
  2. Approve the current year’s budget;
  3. Accept donations (it may delegate this authority to the Director General the Association within predetermined limits);
  4. Set the conditions for recruitment and remuneration of staff;
  5. Approve the amount of the remuneration of the Director General;
  6. Adopt and evolve the rules of procedure;
  7. Authorize the exercise of legal actions and transactions.

In practice, the board is a forum where all questions, issues and projects regarding U+ are discussed. It meets online for 1.5 hour, about once a month.

In principle, members serve without compensation. Exceptionally, if they do not have the resources to sit for free, a member of the Supervisory Board may be paid within French legal limits: €7.5 /hr; assuming we measure the workload at 3 hrs/month, the remuneration could be €22.5/month, i.e. €270/yr.