What does this word mean to you?


“Future – What does this word mean to you?”
Online meeting on October 8


I lie beyond the horizon, yet somehow I am part of your life.
I am an object of knowledge yet cannot be known. Some pretend to see me, I love to prove them wrong.

When you imagine what I might look like, you think of change, hope, destiny, and even fear me. 

I am all ends or all paths

I am about stories and actions, massive mobilizations and radical uncertainty, proactive design and adaptive resilience; I am about challenges and solutions, or maybe only better questions.

I am this word, future

This call is not about describing how the future should be,but about what (if anything) the word “future” means to you. Do you have a relationship to it? Do you think about it? How do other cultures and communities use it?  Who has a voice about what it should be, and how could it be extended? Is this word plural or singular?

By October 8h, send us a story, a drawing, a picture, a sentence, original or not, that you created or that inspires you, and that represents what the future is to you.  You can send it @ or drop it on our open collective platform:

What will it produce? As for all the thematic explorations in the U+ZINE cycle, the content will be assembled and published in the form of a small-open source magazine, providing food for everyone’s thought and imagination: selected creative proposals, references, links to follow, short texts and images, to make this exchange a stepping stone, an invitation to collectively push this exploration further.