Call for contributions open until June 25


Science fiction mostly depicts corporation as negative actors / More and more corporation resort to science fiction to think about their future.
Entrepreneurs want to “change the world” / The narratives of “collapse” often begin with that of markets and corporations.
Corporations create wealth / Corporations extract and hoard wealth.
The Anthropocene / The Capitalocene.
Corporations are changing / We’ve heard that before.

Is there a role for corporations in a truly sustainable future? If so, what kinds of corporations, governed how, producing what, how, with and for whom?

And what is a corporation, really? Even today, what do a large multinational company, a freelancer’s cooperative, a startup looking for a buyer, a web platform, a “distributed autonomous corporation” (DAO), a Bcorp, have in common? What if we invented new words in order to invent new realities, new productive organizations?

For the 2nd edition of UZINE, the Plurality University Network invites artistic, fictional, speculative and utopian works looking at the future of corporations, corporations of the future, or completely revisiting our idea of “the corporation”.

Please send your contribution(s) before June 25. All forms of creation, all possible directions are welcome. You can share your own creation, or that of others (with references); past works, works in progress, or even intentions. Send us your proposal at or post it online:

What will this produce? In July, a selection of contributions will be published in the form of a small, free magazine, providing food for everyone’s thought and imagination: creative proposals, references, links to follow, short texts and images, to make this exchange a stepping stone, an invitation to collectively push this exploration further.

U+ZINE is a cycle of short thematic explorations for alternative futures and change, through the lens of arts and fiction. Each month, one theme, one call for contributions, one online meeting and one publication. Open to all!