The founding moment of U+ will take the shape of an international encounter: The Founder’s Meeting, which last for 2 days, and will take place in Paris, on November 30 and December 1, 2018.

Who will take part?

The Founder’s Meeting will gather around 60 individuals from all over the world. These individuals will be chosen because they
(i) develop and/or research practices that mobilize the resources of the imaginary to explore alternative futures,
(ii) are active parts of networks of like-minded persons of groups,
and (iii) are likely to express interest in contributing to the foundation and work of U+.

What will we try to achieve?

  1. Allow all participants to really get to know each other, by organizing moments exclusively dedicated to mutual discovery and meaningful interactions (small groups meetings, social moments…).
  2. Allow participants to discover and be inspired by each other’s work – and provide a ½ day window for a broader public to do the same (exhibition, leaflets, talks, panels…).
  3. Facilitate collaborations among participants (“unconference” formats…).
  4. Collectively build the founding act and collective priorities of U+: this will be the exclusive focus of day 2.

How will the meeting be organized?

  • Before the meeting: Build up knowledge, map the territory

Online, participants are encouraged to introduce themselves and their work, to nominate other individuals or groups they think should take part, and to share relevant content. The interactions will contribute to a collective map of people, organizations, productions and ideas.

  • Day 1: Create a community

/morning: Participants get acquainted in active mode. Each participant has been asked to bring with her an “artefact” that represents her work. They interact by groups of 5, over 30-minutes periods. Some language diversity is made possible by identifying participants fluent in multiple tongues. Record is kept of ideas, insights and challenges that emerge out of the interaction.

/lunch: Buffet, small tables and other settings that facilitate conversations.

/afternoon: Public, free exhibition/event. 8-10 participants present their work to other participants and the public. Short video interviews of all participants.
During this afternoon, participants are also helped to organize ad hoc meetings around projects for which they seek cooperation.

/evening: Social, fun, somewhat ritualized event, to create shared memories.

  • Day 2: Found U+ together

/morning – Shared challenges and goals: Participants share their personal and collective diagnoses, aspirations, expectations. Work is done in little groups and progressively capitalized. Consensus points are recorded, differences are discussed. The plenary ends up producing a short “Mission Statement” and a list of goals/values.

/lunch: Buffet, small tables and other settings to continue conversations.

/afternoon – Now what?: Subgroups work out possible functions or actions of U+. Other participants are encouraged to share projects that they’d like to offer as collective U+ activities. The final plenary ranks priorities and records commitments.
Before leaving, participants are asked to share their takeaways, commitments and to-dos.

The Paris-Belleville « Civic Hall », where the 2nd day will take place

What will be the meeting’s outputs?

  • The core outputs will be the Plurality University’s Mission Statement, goals, values, and action priorities. A dedicated website will be ready to publish this material, as well as other outputs.
  • Supporting outputs will be: the collective map of people, organizations, and works; video recordings of all participants, lists of insights and projects, shared takeaways.
  • A partnership with Usbek & Rica magazine will produce journalistic material, published in French and English under a Creative Commons license.