Alexandre Cadain

Co-founder and CEO of Anima

Alexandre Cadain is an entrepreneur exploring ways for a radical, positive and inclusive innovation through technologies, especially AI. Graduate from HEC Paris and ENS Ulm, passionate with art and technology, he believes in exploring new imaginaries to address creatively the global, complex problems we face as a society.

He is the co-founder and CEO of Anima, a Moonshot Studio helping governments and private organisations design and start tomorrow’s projects from urgent societal challenges, such as climate change or lifelong learning.

Alexandre is a rapporteur for the Future of Work group at the United Nations’ commission AI FOR GOOD and he co-leads the Smart Cities and Communities group.

He is also an ambassador for the XPRIZE Foundation in Europe, especially helping with the AI and the Avatar Prizes.

Before that, he worked with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, connecting external research labs to the supersonic transportation goal of the company before managing operations in France.

Today, with Anima, he works on launching the AI COMMONS, a collaboration framework aiming at democratising the promise of AI, designed to leverage collective intelligence everywhere to solve local problems through simple AI technologies.