U+Zine 8, “Progress”

**Start TBD

As today follows yesterday, progress seems to move quicker than it did before, challenging us to keep up with it. But it can also seem to move backwards, endangering life on the planet or setting whole communities back.

Many (not all) of us have an issue with “Progress”, but we certainly do not think of Progress in the same way - for some it’s technological progress, for others the loss of traditions, etc.

Progress achieves, emancipates, improves, completes; Progress destroys, leaves aside, selects. Sometimes, we are hopeful for the transformation it will bring, we await its arrival and cross our fingers it won’t be cancelled. Sometimes we fear it, refuse it, or just want to take a step back from it, to make it slow down.

Is it the idea that for better or worse, we need to move “forward”, but with no definable goal in sight, that needs challenging? Is it the speed? The unequal way in which it benefits some and not others? The unpredictability?…

In any case, “Progress” is no longer a universally positive word, even (or perhaps especially?) in the West.

For this U+ZINE, we are asking you to help redefine progress; to project it further or challenge it absolutely; to unbundle its characteristics and meanings, and weave them differently; or to find better words to describe what we should and should not hope and work for.