Imagine the next chapter(s) together

On May 18, 2021, a first “Milestone meeting” will allow all participants to take stock of what has already been accomplished, and enter the next “chapter” of Narratopias.

Along with individuals and organizations willing to take part in the next stages of Narratopias, together we will build:

  • An “Atlas” of transformative narratives: representations, mapping, analyzing the form or content of the collected narratives in order to draw out commonalities and diffe- rences, insights and tensions.
  • An “Agora” for discussing, confronting, connecting, and continuing these narratives, testing new forms of collective dialog or projection.
  • A “Lab” for testing the transformative power of narratives on the ground; for sharing existing or ongoing experiences, initiatives, tools and methods; and for incubating new projects.

If you have a project that fits into these broad categories, or if you’d like to design these initiatives with us, drop us a message or take part in one of our regular “drop-in calls”.