The Founders' Meeting

Paris, Nov. 30-Dec. 1, 2018

The founding moment of U+ will take the shape of a two day international encounter, in Paris, on November 30 and December 1, 2018.

What Will We Try to Achieve?

  1. Allow all participants to really get to know each other, by organizing moments exclusively dedicated to mutual discovery and meaningful interactions (small group meetings, social moments…);
  2. Allow participants to discover and be inspired by each other’s work – and provide a moment during the event, open to the public, so they also find out more about the initiatives and projects of the participants (exhibition, talks, panels…);
  3. Facilitate collaborations among participants (“unconference” formats, workshops, etc.);
  4. Collectively build the founding act and priorities of U+: this will be the sole focus of day 2.

What Will Be the Meeting’s Outputs?

  • The core outputs will be the(plural) vision of the Plurality University’s goals and visions – the « Plurifest » -, the choice of initial common actions, and the decision on its initial governance.
  • Supporting outputs will be the collective map of people, organizations, and works; video recordings of all participants, lists of insights and projects, shared takeaways.
The program

Nov. 30: Create a Community

A network if all about people: Therefore, the goal of the Founders’ Meeting’s first day is to allow all participants to get acquainted with one another and with one another’s work. It will be a day of short, diverse, lively conversations and experiences.

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Dec.1: Found U+ Together

Halle civique BellevilleOn the Founders Meeting’s 2nd day, we will dream the futures of U+, imagine, describe and choose the Plurality University’s first common activities and projects, as well as its principles of action and governance.

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The Founders

40 individuals from all over the world, plus 20 from France: Science-fiction writers, speculative designers, artists, musicians, choregraphers, creative futurists, social innovators, utopians and who mobilize the power of imaginaries to explore alternative futures; Are active parts of groups and networks interested in these practices and their effects; Are interested in actively contributing to the foundation and work of U+.

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Open Doors (Portes Ouvertes)

The afternoon on November 30 will be open to a broader public, and be organized as a “Festival” of workshops, conferences and conversations.

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