UZINE #3: Future – What does this word mean to you?


For this 3rd get together as part of the U+ZINE cycle, we invite you to come and share your relation (or absence of) to the Future

I lie beyond the horizon, yet somehow I am part of your life.
I am an object of knowledge yet cannot be known. Some pretend to see me, I love to prove them wrong.
When you imagine what I might look like, you think of change, hope, destiny, and even fear me.
I am all ends or all paths
I am about stories and actions, massive mobilizations and radical uncertainty, proactive design and adaptive resilience; I am about challenges and solutions, or maybe only better questions.
I am this word, future.

For this 3rd get together, as part of the U+ZINE Cycle, we will exchange around our relation (or lack of relation) to the Future. Three speakers will share their work and experiences:

Nicole Loeser is an independent art curator and has been a gallerist for the past 15 years. She is a speaker, lecturer and workshop facilitator focusing on transdisciplinary, and intercultural learning processes, lately on the topics of the SDGs and future-scenario-building.

Laurie Smith undertakes experimental work in new fields at Nesta and leads for the organisation on futures methods.Laurie’s policy experience spans a wide range of topics from climate change to global health. At the Royal Society, the UK’s national academy of science, he led on emerging technologies and futures, and before that managed a team focused on science and innovation policy.

Petra Ardai is a theatre-maker, writer, moderator and lecturer specialised in future scenario’s. She is artistic leader of the Amsterdam and Budapest based art collective SPACE. SPACE has wide experience in documentary theatre and immersive collaborative storytelling in various media.

The public (YOU!) will then be invited to ask questions + share your own “fragment”: a story, a picture, a movie clip , something you created, or not, which represents what “future” is in your life.

U+ZINE, A SPRINGBOARD OF IDEAS: IS a cycle of short thematic explorations for alternative futures and change, through the lens of arts and fiction. Each month, one theme, one call for contributions, one online meeting and one publication. Open to all!