2nd International Meeting of the Plurality University Network

The 2nd International Meeting of the Plurality University Network is organized in conjunction with the Other Futures Festival.


Day 1 (April 10): Building the Plurality University Network Together

On December 1, 2018, 70 participants from all over the world gave birth to the Plurality University Network (U+). In 2019, we built the foundations of U+ by launching several networked projects: Futures Fragments, The Many Tomorrows Festival, the Interview Project, WORK+. In 2020, we are developing Thematic Explorations: voyages into the futures of something (Theme #1 will be “Mobility”), using arts and fiction as material as our primary material.

What should we do next? What should we do better? How could the Plurality University Network be more useful to you, to your work, and to the world?
Come and discuss these next steps with us in Amsterdam!
A more detailed agenda will be posted shortly.

Open to members of the Plurality University Network (you can still join!), as well as those who are considering joining, or would just like to contribute without becoming members.

Practical Info
9:30am – 6:00pm (followed from 7:00 onwards by the opening night of the Other Futures Festival)
Place: De Ruimte, Distelweg 83, 1031 HD Amsterdam

The event is free to U+ members, as well as all who would like to contribute to it. You can register here >>

Day 2: “Meetings with Remarkable Strangers”, a Special Event within the Other Futures Festival

The U+ meeting is organized in close collaboration with the Other Futures Festival (April 10-12). This year’s theme is “The Future of Multispecies Society”. On the afternoon of April 11, we will be holding a special event within the Festival, titled “Meetings with Remarkable Strangers”.

“So we (we humans) are finally becoming aware that we are interdependent with other forms of life, and that these other forms of life display their own forms of intelligence, abilities, social behaviours, culture, language, etc. – Then what? How could our relationships with other species change (at a time when we readily name “aliens” those who live across the street)? How can a mutual relationship evolve between beings who may not share the most basic understanding of each other’s cognition? How should we negotiate our respective ways of being, of feeding, of occupying Earth?
This event is about the relationship with, or rather between, incomplete strangers: humans, animals, plants, elements, bots…: personal relationships (interactions, hybridizations, impersonations, transactions, emotions…) as well as collective relationships (negotiations, conflicts, cohabitation, cooperation, protection…)”

Three types of formats will unfold simultaneously:

  • Experiential workshops: co-designing and/or experiencing devices for, and situations of, interspecies relationships;
  • Readings & screenings: excerpts of short works of fiction and (sometimes) non-fiction, followed by discussions with the authors or interpreters;
  • Agora: heated discussions around a provocative assertion (e.g., “How can you think of interacting with plants when you treat other humans as aliens?”, “Trying to turn other species into political subjects is sooooo human!”…)

Open to all.

Practical Info
Place: Felix Meritis Canal Palace, Shaffyzaal room

Call for presentations, workshops, etc.
We are calling upon those who will take part in U+’s 2nd International Meeting, to also be part of this special event.
Are you interested in presenting, hosting a workshop, launching a provocative discussion? Let us know here!