Founders Meeting: Day 2 (1/12)

Goal: To collectively create the Plurality University and decide on its initial activities

On the Founders Meeting’s 2nd day, we intended to answer 2 sets of questions:

  1. What is the Plurality University to each of us? What would have the most value to each of us, to all of us, and to the world at large? Using our respective creative practices, we will dream the futures of U+, without artificially seeking to converge towards a single future.
  2. What will we do together? We will imagine, describe and choose the Plurality University’s first common activities and projects, as well as its principles of action and governance.


MORNING 9:30AM – Imagining the Future of U+: Participants share their personal and collective diagnoses, aspirations, expectations.The goal is to imagine the future of the Plurality University itself, using the participants’ preferred modes of expression: narratives, improvisation, visual arts, fiction design… The outcomes of all groups are shared, points of convergence and difference are identified – however, we let different U+ futures coexist in a kind of « Plurifest ».

LUNCH 1PM: Buffet, small tables and other settings to continue conversations.

AFTERNOON 2PM – Now what?: Subgroups work out possible functions or actions of U+. Some possible actions will have been imagined ahead of the event, however all participants are encouraged to share projects that they’d like to offer as collective U+ activities. Participant elect to work on actions that they feel they could be part of. The final plenary ranks priorities and records commitments.
Before leaving, participants are asked to share their takeaways, commitments and to-dos.

Practical Information

Halle civique Belleville

The meeting was held at Les Halles Civiques Belleville, 27 Rue Piat, 75020 Paris (map)