Chain Futures

An “interview chain” of, and by, those who mobilize imaginaries to produce or experiment alternative futures.


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Chain Futures

Chain Futures is an “interview chain” of, and by, those who mobilize imaginaries to produce or experiment alternative futures.This international project intends to create an actionable and reflexive material on the creative and artistic practices focused on the future, on the futures they imagine, on who they engage, and on how they interact with changes in the real world. It will produce a large shared material accessible for research, education and other projects, and give birth to a publication and event.

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What, How?

How, concretely, can we regenerate and multiply imaginaries of the future, enable new voices to be heard, and use art to change future and present realities?

U+ members, and their respective networks, have amazingly rich array of experiences and insights to share. Chain Futures intends to create a fun, dynamic way to share them.

In a nutshell, Chain Futures will:

  • Beginning with the core of U+ members, create a growing “interview chain” of, and by, persons whose work mobilizes imaginaries to invent alternative futures. Each interview will focus on a specific project or work: a personal or collective artwork, a collective futures-oriented creation process, a method or format, concrete utopias on the ground, etc.
  • Turn the interview itself into a fun experience, by basing it on a card game with a small number of compulsory questions, and a larger number of optional, more personal or intriguing questions, designed to elicit unexpected answers.
  • Invite interviewees to interview someone else in turn, or at least to point towards one or several other names to be interviewed, hence creating a chain.
  • Publish they interviews online as they come (audio, video, text), in whatever language they come in, and regularly highlight selected interviews on social media and partner media sites;
  • Invite researchers and students to take part in the process, and to use the accumulated material to produce maps, comparative analyses, and shared knowledge on contents, practices, and the link (or lack thereof) to transformative action;
  • Editorialize the interviews (along with Futures Fragments, U+’s other global project) in a publication in 2020;
  • Present the results during U+’s next international event, in the 2nd quarter of 2020.

All contents will be made accessible under a Creative Commons-Attribution license.

Chain Futures will be launched via an international call, and with a few initial interviews already done so as to kickstart the chain. The call will have an end date (T0 + 5 months), so as to generate momentum and quickly build up a significant database of interviews.


Anyone can start an interview. We especially want to encourage students, researchers, activists and creators to do interviews.

Anyone can be interviewed, provided they have initiated or taken part in a project that, in some way, mobilize arts and creation to produce or experiment alternative images of the future. Interviewees do not need to label themselves artists, they can, for example, be participants in a co-creation process.

As for all Plurality University Network projects, a deliberate effort will be made to reach out to participants in Africa, Asia and Latin America, so as to make sure that the future does not remain an overwhelmingly Euro-American construct.


The project’s design and prefiguration phase will start in June, 2019.

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