The Plurality University Network is a global and open organization that connects artists, designers, utopians, activists and anyone wishing to expand and enable alternative futures imaginaries.

As climate emergency and “unimaginable” changes are about to impact the world in years to come, from which the confinement of half of the world’s population at the beginning of 2020 is a likely example, the urgency for humanity to reconsider its role as “masters and possessors” of nature seems unequivocal. But where to start? How to find tools and collective mechanisms to anticipate and adapt to transformations needed? To figure out novel directions for change, they need to be imagined: and the journey begins with individual and collective imaginaries.

In academia, the arts, politics, science, or grassroots movements, calls for “new narratives” and for the “renewal” or “liberation” of imaginaries express a shared intuition: that any significant transition towards different and hopefully better futures, requires the ability to question inherited meanings, values, representations and finalities, and imagine completely new worlds and new ways of functioning. The Plurality University Network works towards putting these intuitions into action by creating the conditions for the emergence of new imaginaries, alternatives for action, and common paths for future transitions.


The Plurality University Network (referred as well as U+) implements collaborative projects and public events that are open to all, and provides support for co-producing, sharing and debating visions and proposals for the future from different cultures, practices and disciplines.

Structured as a non-profit foundation registered in France as association loi de 1901 with a purpose of scientific, cultural and educational nature, the Plurality University Network aims at reflecting, sharing knowledge, educating and raising awareness about the future, focusing on peer-to-peer collaboration, intercultural exchange, social inclusion through participation, and the common good. U+ accompanies and coordinates educational projects among people of various ages, developing capacities for reflection and action about and for the future through productions of the imaginary among a variety of fields such as the arts.

At this stage, U+’s projects intend to encourage an abundance and diversity in terms of content by presenting visions, ideas and pathways to:

  • Change representations in order to change reality;
  • Develop personal and organizational capacities to use one’s and other’s imagination in order to change futures;
  • Make future imaginaries a favorable space where exchange on novel, different, and even opposed ideas can take place.

Results from the Association’s research and reflections are open and accessible to all, free of charge and unconditionally. All actions and projects produced are open-source, with deliverables accessible and reusable freely under Creative Commons terms (CC-Attribution license 4.0).


The association focuses on helping its members do better, more visible and more impactful things together and connecting them to other communities, namely: other potential members [those who could benefit from U+], decision-makers and medias [those who should be more exposed to what U+ members do], researchers [those who can help U+ members reflect on what they do], and people and communities not usually included in discussions about futures.

Most of U+’s activities will take the form of projects, events, publications and workshops. We do our best to create partnerships with different institutions, NGO’s, non-profit organizations, schools, businesses and individuals, where we conduct our activities through: online platforms, where information on ideas, practices and methods can be found and shared; meetings and events, where we can enrich our individual and collective practices by learning about new ones; collaborative projects, where collective intelligence meets a thematic; publications, curating and making accessible new ideas and methods, and the futures that they open up.

If you have a project around new narratives using fiction and imaginaries or looking into the future and speculating around a specific theme, you’re very welcomed to contact us.

N.B. Only projects that respect U+’s Code of Conduct, and whose outcome is published under a Creative Commons licence can use the U+ name. U+’s actions and projects produce open-source deliverables that are free of access and reusable.


U+ works with other institutions through partnerships. Partners are involved with us on a per-project basis: they learn, experiment, and imagine about future narratives by taking part in the conversation with U+ and its members. Partners benefit from U+’s global network, and their participation is a transformative journey, involving their participants in collective, international projects.

Curious about U+’s workshops, methodology, and approach? You can of course get in touch. A partnership involvement with U+ allows you to share expectations and concerns, and conceive together with us actions that can benefit your organisation.

The following institutions have worked or supported us: