The Plurality University Presents at the Next « Futures Festival »

Three of participants to the Plurality University’s Founders Meeting will be presenting during the 2018 « Futures Festival », which will take place (mostly) online on October 27: Jorge Camacho, Daniel Kaplan, and Aarathi Krishnan.

Futures Festival Logo

Futures Festival is organized by the Association of Professional Futurists. The theme for 2018 is « Diverse Futures – The future as a collective imagining », which, of course, strongly resounds with what the Plurality University is all about.

In a session called « The Case of Work », Daniel will present the WORK+ project, which has been designed as a « proof of concept » of how arts and fiction can help kickstart collaborative, out-of-the-box thinking on the futures of work. Most of WORK+’s material is currently in French, however the final (and open-source) « toolbox » will also exist in English.

Aarathi and Jorge will host a common session on « Humanitarian Future »: How can culturally diverse views of reality – based on local and historical values, rituals and visuals – help influence a more nuanced vision of the future? How can we use design futures to help enhance this process? And how in turn can this drive a greater, more holistic and robust concept of development and progress, rather than just a linear and homogeneous extrapolation of it? They will present how the fields of humanitarian work and design are coming together by merging design practices with established futures and foresight frameworks in a humanitarian context. They will imagine and debate why, particularly in that context, these fields should become more culturally inclusive in order to challenge common narratives around what and how progress and development might look like.

Registration to the Futures Festival is open and free (however, contributions are welcome)



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